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CMPD Badge Kit


Install locations for CMPD Badge Kit

Full Badge Model - mp_m_freemode_01^hand_002_u.ydd
Full Badge Textures - mp_m_freemode_01^hand_diff_002_a_uni.ytd
Badge and Name Plate Model - mp_m_freemode_01^hand_003_u.ydd
Badge and Name Plate Textures - mp_m_freemode_01^hand_diff_003_a_uni.ytd
Hip Badge Model - mp_m_freemode_01^task_001_u.ydd
Hip Badge Textures - mp_m_freemode_01^task_diff_001_a_uni.ytd

Full Badge Model - mp_m_freemode_01>hand_002_u.ydd
Full Badge Textures - mp_m_freemode_01>hand_diff_002_a_uni.ytd
Badge and Name Plate Model - mp_m_freemode_01>hand_003_u.ydd
Badge and Name Plate Textures - mp_m_freemode_01>hand_diff_003_a_uni.ytd
Hip Badge Model - mp_m_freemode_01>task_001_u.ydd
Hip Badge Textures - mp_m_freemode_01>task_diff_001_a_uni.ytd

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